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Miami has always been a great city, growing freer every day. One can live here their entire life and still not experience everything that this amazing city has to offer. The culture, the arts, the music and the food in Miami has no limits.

Yesterday, I had the honor of attending Iron Fork Miami. A foodie event hosted by Miami New Times and Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau that was held at the decadent Hyatt Regency in Downtown Miami. The senses of thousands were fulfilled as they were able to taste samples of over 80 of the best restaurants Miami has to offer. Rusty Pelican, Cibo Wine Bar, American Social and more participated. An array of flavors and culture were brought to one location. From Taste of the wild, to sushi, to Greek food, you would not leave this event hungry. To add to the uniqueness of this Miami event, there was a live chef competition foodies got to witness. An even greater statement was made by the fact that the two chefs competing were women. Miami truly has no limits as to what anyone can attain. No goal is too far, no dream is too unreal. It can all become true in Miami. Iron Fork was the perfect showcase for this. Coming once a year, you may have missed out yesterday, but not to worry because next year Iron Fork will come around again in July. Be prepared and feed your hunger. Go and have a real taste of this beautiful city we live in. Did I mention dessert? #IronForkMIA


Can we?

Let me motivate.

Inspire and make those feelings fluctuate. Let your brain gravitate- to what matters in this world of matter.

Is it real, can we prevent disaster.

We can, just stay together. Love another for the better. Feel your heart as you read this letter.

Can we be better?

I am here to tell you,  to inform for the reform.

Make the weak strong, because we all belong