Farrah Abraham Criticized for Sharing Provocative Photos of 7-Year-Old Daughter

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Now, Farrah Abraham is at it again. To me, she comes off as media and attention hungry. Now that her daughter, Sophia, is growing up, Farrah is not afraid to use her as a tool. Recently, Farrah had Sophia do a photoshoot. The seven year-old was wearing make-up and a petite two-piece bathing suit. As if there aren’t enough predators in the world in the world of fame, she decided it was acceptable to show her daughter off on her heavily followed Instagram. Many followers were not happy to see photos of a seven year-old in a full on bikini with make-up on. I am glad I am not the only one who rejects this act. Farrah is known for her sex tape and her lies stating that it was private and not meant to be leaked, when clearly, there was someone videotaping the entire thing. Farrah has been called out numerous times but it does not seem to phase her as she continues to commit acts that are not likely to be taken lightly.

Source: Farrah Abraham Criticized for Sharing Provocative Photos of 7-Year-Old Daughter


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Miami has always been a great city, growing freer every day. One can live here their entire life and still not experience everything that this amazing city has to offer. The culture, the arts, the music and the food in Miami has no limits.

Yesterday, I had the honor of attending Iron Fork Miami. A foodie event hosted by Miami New Times and Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau that was held at the decadent Hyatt Regency in Downtown Miami. The senses of thousands were fulfilled as they were able to taste samples of over 80 of the best restaurants Miami has to offer. Rusty Pelican, Cibo Wine Bar, American Social and more participated. An array of flavors and culture were brought to one location. From Taste of the wild, to sushi, to Greek food, you would not leave this event hungry. To add to the uniqueness of this Miami event, there was a live chef competition foodies got to witness. An even greater statement was made by the fact that the two chefs competing were women. Miami truly has no limits as to what anyone can attain. No goal is too far, no dream is too unreal. It can all become true in Miami. Iron Fork was the perfect showcase for this. Coming once a year, you may have missed out yesterday, but not to worry because next year Iron Fork will come around again in July. Be prepared and feed your hunger. Go and have a real taste of this beautiful city we live in. Did I mention dessert? #IronForkMIA

Can we?

Let me motivate.

Inspire and make those feelings fluctuate. Let your brain gravitate- to what matters in this world of matter.

Is it real, can we prevent disaster.

We can, just stay together. Love another for the better. Feel your heart as you read this letter.

Can we be better?

I am here to tell you,  to inform for the reform.

Make the weak strong, because we all belong


Miami has been great to me since the day I packed my bags and drove down south to the breezy, bright, colorful city. It is a place where minds are open. Where drinks are always flowing. Where you can drive 10 minutes down the road and be at a beautiful beach. There truly is no place like Miami. I have traveled domestic and international, still nothing compares. The lights, the high rises, the opportunity, they all speak volumes. One can grow in ways never thought of as possible. Miami is  not only a place to go and party. Miami is a place that opens your mind. Miami is a place that helps you grow. Miami is a place that changes the word impossible, to I’m possible.


The Soul of Lyrics.

Vibrations are too strong, I see it now and I put on. Humans feel, it’s all so real, what the world concealed, but my fates revealed. Dreams are believed and then they’re achieved. Won’t leave it behind, it’s all going to be better than fine. What the mind can conceive, you can achieve.

Words have the power to influence human behavior. Words can have a very strong affect on the mood of others. I chose these words for lyrics to a song because I feel that they are very powerful words that can bring about a new way of thinking. These words represent how I awakened and was brought to a path of enlightenment. I feel as though the purpose in my life is to bring awareness to others about how ones positive way of thinking can improve their life quality. In the first line, I state that vibrations are too strong. By vibrations, I mean the frequencies that surround our bodies. I believe human beings are made of energy. This energy stays in tune with our thoughts and communicates a vibration some humans are able to sense. Vibrations are more apparent in our daily lives than we think. The average person tends to say, “He gave me a bad vibe.” This means that one can sense when another is at a bad or different vibration than you. I have begun the practice of meditation and my senses have become stronger. My lyrics explain how I am able to see my growth. I put on the vibrations I want ever since I came to this realization. It is a challenge, but everyday is a constant battle against negative thoughts.

The following line states how my fate is revealed. By this, I mean that my fate has been revealed to me. I have found my purpose in life. So I continue to say that dreams are believed and then they’re achieved. When you dreams of the life that would make you happy, you should strongly believe that this dream is reality. When one believes in their dreams, they are achieved. Of course it comes with effort in your actions, but believing that you are able to achieve this dream, will only help you achieve it. Then, I go on to state that I won’t leave it behind, it’s all going to be better than fine. In this line, I am referring to my new thought process and how I do not wish to leave this thought process behind. Due to this, everything will be better than fine. When you are thinking positive you tend to feel positive. When you are feeling positive and happy, you are at a high vibration. When you are at a high vibration, life tends to unfold in your favor, therefore, everything will be better than just fine. The next line says what you can conceive, you can achieve. Napoleon Hill came up with this statement in more detail. Hill stated, “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve regardless of how many times you may have failed in the past.” I used this quote for inspiration.

What you can conceive, you can achieve. This is stating that if you are able to picture an event or occurrence in your mind and truly believe it, you will be able to achieve this and it will become your reality. It is not as simple as holding a picture in your mind, but it goes along with what I stated earlier in the song. One has to feel a strong and positive vibration along with this picture to really achieve the dream. My lyrics explain how life is a cycle of our thoughts that can lead each one of us to our reality. My purpose in this life is to bring awareness about this mentality that can change lives for the better. I wrote these lyrics to express my purpose in this life.

Late night 

What comes to mind late night?

Who do you miss, late night?

Where do you WANT to be, late night.

It is important to feel bliss at all times. When you are alone late at night in your room. Silence scares many, for good reason. This is when our true feelings and thoughts come to surface. The most painful feelings feel comfortable enough to surface when you are alone in the room late night. It is important to be blissful, even about these negative feelings. They are beautiful as well. Like the oceans, we go through different tides as well, good and bad. The goal is to always think of a better tomorrow, when you are thinking late night.