Farrah Abraham Criticized for Sharing Provocative Photos of 7-Year-Old Daughter

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Now, Farrah Abraham is at it again. To me, she comes off as media and attention hungry. Now that her daughter, Sophia, is growing up, Farrah is not afraid to use her as a tool. Recently, Farrah had Sophia do a photoshoot. The seven year-old was wearing make-up and a petite two-piece bathing suit. As if there aren’t enough predators in the world in the world of fame, she decided it was acceptable to show her daughter off on her heavily followed Instagram. Many followers were not happy to see photos of a seven year-old in a full on bikini with make-up on. I am glad I am not the only one who rejects this act. Farrah is known for her sex tape and her lies stating that it was private and not meant to be leaked, when clearly, there was someone videotaping the entire thing. Farrah has been called out numerous times but it does not seem to phase her as she continues to commit acts that are not likely to be taken lightly.

Source: Farrah Abraham Criticized for Sharing Provocative Photos of 7-Year-Old Daughter