Is Love inspirational?

chuck bass love

The popular and modern love story, Chuck and Blair.

Many of us want to go into creative fields. Maybe you are already in a creative line of work. Either way, this creativity comes from somewhere. Somewhere deep. Many songs, poems, books, and movies are based on love. I guess one could say that love causes a stir of emotions in a lot of us. Love inspires us. I cannot deny it myself. Whether it be good or bad, being in love has allowed me to express my feelings into poems. I have been told they are pretty good. Love is a beautiful thing. It makes one feel really alive. So we should all strive to love. It does not even have to be romantic. Loving our family, our peers, and even strangers can be inspiring if you can really feel the energy that comes from being a loving person. Let yourself love, and then express it. Express it all whether it be in writing, in painting, in singing, or in dancing!

Author: emillylanaa

@emillylanaa - IG -Twitter. Aspiring motivational speaker, singer, dancer and writer.

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