Global Security Threat* Food for Thought


Inspiring action.
Inspiring action.

Photo and quote found on Spirit Science’s Facebook page.


We exist here today as very intelligent human beings. We may all feel as though we are existing in different worlds because we do truly live different realities, but what we fail to realize is that we all live on the same beautiful planet that has allowed us to breathe every breath we have so far. 

I strongly believe that this can change. We were all brought up certain ways. With the media and PSA’s, it hasn’t really been portrayed as a main priority. I am sure you all know why. At the same time, it could be what we are used too. Buddha once said, “Three things cannot be hidden. The sun, the moon, and the truth.”

The truth is, we are slowly letting the very place we all call home, where we have all grown and are still giving birth to more life on this earth, we are letting it die. 

If a  loved family member could do something to change their lifestyle so they could beat a sickness, you would want them to right? I would, so I do what I can. I just ask that we all partake in this change.

Author: emillylanaa

@emillylanaa - IG -Twitter. Aspiring motivational speaker, singer, dancer and writer.

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